Thursday, 31 January 2013

January wishlist

1. Parisian Port Dress - $94.99
2. Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation - £7.00
5. Navy Chiffon Sleeveless Peter Pan Collar Dress - £12.99

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Five skin care rules I always break

Hi guys!

Firstly I want to confirm that I am still alive. I'm back at uni now and these last couple of weeks have been devoted to exams, pushing blogging and other such activities onto the back burner.
My exams finished a couple of days ago so I'm now free to do whatever I want (until my lectures start tomorrow - boo!). Of course I've used those days to relax and recoup from the intense (ahem) studying I have been carrying out. Now it's back to business. I figured I neglect my blog too often (although I did write a short update on the happenings of my life, but my iPad decided it wasn't going to let me post it), so here I am with a new post. January favourites and wish list will be coming up shortly, but for now I will be revealing my skin-care-bad-habits.

I always preach about good skin care routines. I wrote a very lengthy post on dealing with breakouts a few months ago, and in that post I revealed a number of steps to achieving good skin, although some of them were less of a quick fix and more of a long-term commitment. I'm sure you all know there are no quick fixes when it comes to problematic skin, but if you're like me you will constantly be on the lookout for such a thing. For me, the long term commitments are the hardest. I get lazy or forget or (like these last few weeks) too drained to do anything other than crawl into bed and sleep.

That brings me to the first issue.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Christmas haul!

This is a little late but here it is! The Christmas post!

I was very spoilt on the cosmetics front (and all other fronts, in fact!) this Christmas. The Soap & Glory set I put on my wishlist? Yep, got it. Maybe my family are reading my blog...

I'll start with my current favourite - Soap & Glory Best of All gift set. I think it's common knowledge now that this was on offer for less-than-half-price at Boots just before Christmas. I actually went looking for this to buy for myself, but Boots had already sold out - boo! The set is retailed at £60 and contains nine full-sized Soap & Glory products. I'm not sure if each set had different products in, so I'll list what I found inside mine.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

December favourites


I know this is a little late. I guess it's due a mixture of running around like a headless chicken visiting family over the Christmas period and just chilling out on my own in front of the TV with a box of Quality Street. I have done some serious relaxing this December after a mental first semester, so I think I've earned it ;)

Anyway, onto the favourites!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Dye my hair with me #2


This post is a little late because I dyed my hair about a week ago, but I've just been too lazy to upload my photos to my iPad. Coming up next will be a belated Christmas post.

A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and decided to dye my hair platinum. The result was a light but yellowy blonde (with a few dark patches where the horribly dry solution had missed). My aim now is to tackle the brassiness with an assortment of toners and masques, but of course I need to keep on top of my roots too.

I went back to my old hair dye (Récital Préférence 10.21 Stockholm Very Light Pearl Blonde) as this is the colour I would eventually like to achieve. Because my hair is so light now, I wasn't expecting to see a great difference, but I needed to get rid of my dark roots and the patches I had missed from last time.

Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello my lovelies!
Firstly, as this is the first post of 2013, I'd like to wish you all a very happy New Year. I hope 2013 is filled with awesomeness for you all!
Okay, soppiness aside, let's do this!
I was nominated for this award by the lovely Samuel James Morris. Definitely check his blog out; it's full of great reviews and interesting posts!


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