Sunday, 24 February 2013

Skin detox: Dr Stuart's Skin Purify tea

Hi guys!

So, after twelve years together, ten of which were spent engaged, my mum and almost-step father are finally tying the knot!

Yes, this July, my mum will be getting married and, naturally, I will be a bridesmaid (along with my sister). This means that I need to do something about my unruly skin.

Due to low-budget student food, takeaways and an abnormal sleeping pattern, my skin is constantly breaking out. I always preach about skin care being important, but I hardly ever stick to my own rules (who does?).
I thought it would be helpful (to keep me on track, if nothing else) to upload a series of posts documenting my detox journey and revealing all the tips and tricks of achieving clear skin.

My journey starts with something simple: tea.

I've been using Dr Stuart's Skin Purify tea on and off for a few years. The taste isn't pleasant (in my opinion), but it does the job well, helping to control excess oil production and breakouts. I always use this tea in a teapot as one teabag is so potent that it can actually make up to three cups. Three cups a day has me seeing results in under a week.

The tea is made up of red clover (lowers cholesterol, improves blood circulation, combats PMS and lowers risk of CHD), nettle leaves (cleanse bladder and kidneys and contain antihistamines for combatting allergies), dandelion leaves (act as blood purifiers, boost liver performance and improve digestion), burdock root (has oil controlling, skin clearing and anti-ageing properties as well as acting as a blood purifier), chamomile (aids digestion) and lemon balm, peel and flavour (antibacterial and antiviral properties).

Naturally, looking after your insides will show in your skin. A quick Google search revealed an Acne Map which suggested certain areas of your face relate to different organs.

So, in short, a skin purifying tea does a lot more than just purifying your skin.

I definitely recommend Dr Stuart's Skin Purify tea to anyone who wants to clear their skin or just look after their body. The taste can take some getting used to, but if you do struggle to drink it, adding a small amount of sugar or honey shouldn't do any harm.

At just £1.99 for 15 tea bags (each making three cups of tea each), it is a very reasonable price to pay for healthy skin.

This post was meant to be short, but it turned into a full-blown review and informative post. Oh well, who's complaining?

Take care guys!


  1. catherinelouise24 February 2013 21:30

    If I get spot all over my back, do you think it would work? I get them over my arms, too, it really distresses me. If it works then I am up for anything!


    1. Hi Catherine!

      As I only really suffer with acne on my face, I cannot say for sure if it would work, although I don't see how it would be possible for the effects to be limited to the face. I've tried a lot of products over the years; some have worked, some haven't, but it doesn't hurt to try, does it?

      All I can say about your problem is make sure everything that comes into contact with your skin is clean (clothes, bed sheets, etc.) and try a different washing powder. I have eczema which is triggered when I use certain washing powders/soaps/fabric softners etc., so you may have a similar problem. It takes a lot of time-consuming experimentation, but it's worth it in the end! ;)

      Hope you have a lovely day!

  2. I've just added some Dr Stuart teabags and a teapot to my online Asda shopping list- you have got me inspired to try out some healthy detoxifying teas! Great post, thanks for sharing this x

    1. You're welcome. Herbal teas or not, a teapot is essential :p

  3. Glampire Victoria McEwan25 February 2013 18:26

    I've never seen this brand of teas, this one seems like it does a little bit of goodness for everything. Deffo checking it out.


    1. It really is a good tea. I think all the Dr Stuart's flavours are equally as healthy (even if some of them don't taste too good). It's definitely a brand worth trying, especially since they're pretty inexpensive :)


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